Industrial buildings - ecology


Frisomat industrial buildings are 98% recyclable. Thanks to the unique meccano-principle there is no need for sandblasting and welding on the building site. The prepainted fully galvanized structure does not need painting, not now, not in 30 years. The cold rolling needs no heat and no chemicals. Prefabricated parts guarantee an optimal use of scarce resources. The limited waste is carefully collected and recycled.

Frisomat industrial buildings are not only ecological responsible during production. Cold rolled, prefabricated parts fit together like a giant meccano-kit. Every part can be manipulated by 2 persons with light material. No heavy machinery (cranes, bulldozers,…) is needed leaving a minimal ecological footprint. All Frisomat trucks are regularly renewed, answering to the latest regulations and Euro-standards.

Frisomat industrial buildings are relatively light. The result: a minimal impact on road traffic. The steel coils are shipped in, reducing the inconvenience for the environment.

A green building, a comfortable thought.

Industrial building - Transport by ship
Industrial building - Lightweight equipment
Industrial building - Ecological constructions

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